One of the best parts about going to school was when you connected with a teacher who seemed to really understand their trade, the information and how to communicate to a wide range of students. In reality, this happens far less than perhaps we realize or hope for. But like any good educator knows, there's always room for improvement and filling the gaps in understanding is one way to do that very thing. 

With 'So What? Science!' hosted and presented by Jessica Stanton, she hopes to bridge the gap between students, technology and frankly just really cool science that with benefit them not just in the classroom, but for the rest of their lives. Science lives with us, it surrounds us and binds the galaxy to together- it's sometimes as fantastic as science fiction and as strange as we can imagine. But why should that be hard? Why shouldn't that be fun?

So What? Science! is Jessica Stanton's answer to many students and adults alike who may be curious, or desperately studying for a test and need information in a way that's far more engaging than simply opening a dusty textbook or searching endless online forums.

As a certified teacher herself, with a passion for educating Jessica Stanton is looking to launch So What? Science! before the end of 2017. With many more artistic updates to come as we produce this educational adventure, be sure to check back on this space for more information.