“The Force is strong with this one…” as it is with this FINISHED Star Wars Galaxy [Empire Edition] poster! This poster took a while, as it was a pretty intense project to recreate a whole galaxy! But it was pretty fun too and got my creative side working overtime to create something really unique for Star Wars fans.

One of the first things that may pop out at you is the density of star systems in this map, not to mention the subtle difference in colors. This was done to honor both Star Wars’ past under Lucasfilm and present under Disney. The blue specks represent planets or star systems in which remain in legends, but have not yet been brought back to ‘canon’ status under Disney, as represented by the yellow dots.

Also included are the various sectors, territories and hyperspace routes that make travel possible, including even the less frequently navigated hyperspace routes. It’s actually pretty fun and interesting to search for known planets from the films or novels, to get an idea of where in the galaxy these events took place, and potentially how they connect ‘geographically’ speaking.

Likewise, this map has a few infographic style nuggets of information. For instance the white squares represent all known locations that the characters from Star Wars: Rebels appeared with what information made available. There are also a number of larger pop-outs which signify important events in the Star Wars Universe, taken from an Imperial perspective.

One of the challenges I faced when designing this map, was a general question of when this map existed within the Star Wars timeline. After a bit of debate, I decided that the information displayed would sort of represent a period after Empire Strikes Back, but before Return of the Jedi. My reasoning was that this represented a pretty turbulent time for the galaxy, one that I could imagine the Empire’s propaganda machine was in full effect.

As with all of the maps or designs I make, I have put a lot of detail in this map, with many possibilities coming in the future for additional variations of this map. As you may infer, the title calls out that this is the ‘Empire Edition’, and so a future ‘Rebel Edition’ may eventually show up. Heck, there may even be an updated First Order or Resistance poster one day. Time will tell! But until then, you can catch a close up look at this poster by purchasing your own digital print at Etsy.

Leave a comment and let me know if you’re interested in a Rebel version of this map!