I can say without much doubt that I’m a Game of Thrones fanboy! Admittedly I still need to read the novels, but with the dazzling success of the HBO series taking a prime and present location in the my binge watching television schedule; I couldn’t help but design my own Westeros map.

Close up of Poster Design

Close up of Poster Design

So this map really started its journey back in 2016. Back then I was designing this map for my girlfriend at the time, as a Christmas gift. This was my first real stab at creating a map and it was a semi successful venture in hindsight. 

Now, a bit over a year later I returned with new skill sets and new paint brushes. The entire map was designed in adobe illustrator, which allowed for a lot of freedom by designing first through line art to nail down the important details. Next, I moved in with the cosmetic makeup if you will and began adding things like the paper texture, line design and was able to more clearly define the fonts I would use. 


Full size map of Westeros on display

Work on the map continued by referencing as much canon material as I could. This involved looking at other maps and certainly the Wikipedia, which helped a considerable amount. Especially when it came to understanding what each of these locations was and it’s purpose.  

Ultimately this was a really fun map to work on, and the detailing was really challenging but allowed me to stretch my mental skills to come up with creative solutions.  

Hopefully you’ll find this Game of Thrones map as interesting as I have!