Unfortunatly, this morning I only had a little time to work on the model. So I can't claim it's finished yet, though I am slowly creeping my way closer and closer. Probably the most notable difference would be the red engine glow I added. It's less 'glow' and more solid color. But who's cutting hairs? In addition to the engine glow you may note additional work done on the rear, with all but one major element remaining. 

with the back end nearly finished, I started to flesh out the top of the craft as well. Though none of the finer details have been added, I did manage to block in the windows. Building on the curved top hatch should be about as fun as working on the rest of the curved cockpit- needless to say it hasn't been my favorite. But the entire thing has been a grand learning experience, so there's a lot of positive takeaways- despite my bitching.